The pictures included in this envelope – 2013
Hardcover 21 x 27 cm

106 pages and 16 pages text leaflet

102 color ills.
Texts: Quentin Bajac / Laura Gasparini

English – French
Design: Think Work Observe
First edition of 1000 copies

From the introduction by Quentin Bajac

“Andrea Ferrari surely believes, like Luigi Ghirri (whose work he knows and likes), that reality needs to be read like hieroglyphics and that photographic language can also help in deciphering these symbols. Photography to him is a conscious, reflective practice of a system of signs and, as with Ghirri, is linked to semiology, the analysis of signs. However, in The Pictures included in this envelope the photographic sign is complex. It is not linked to the identification of the photographed object, as would happen traditionally. Indeed, readers might, in most cases, be able to describe the objects portrayed in the photos, starting from their physical elements (parcels, envelopes, cut paper, letters, pieces of cardboard, photographs, drawings, rollers, copybooks, laces…), but they would not be able to name them. Are they compositions? Sculptures? Objects? Discoveries? Assemblages? Readers will probably be even less capable of attaching meaning to them; their meaning eludes them. Thus, if they decide to take these images for their referential value as iconic signs – what they stand for – their denotative value is weak or unclear.”

Wild Window / artist book – 2013
Hardcover 29 x 15 cm

56 pages / 31 color ills.
Texts: Laura Gasparini / Ermanno Cavazzoni

English – Italian

Design: Think Work Observe
Edition of 50 + 7 ap

From the introduction by Laura Gasparini

“Wild Window focuses on the breathless nature of the numerous insect and animal species that were captured and displayed in the old glazed cabinets of the world’s leading natural history museums and collections. Once again, Andrea Ferrari looks through his gentle and careful lens to show us the ancient desire running through the history of images – from the ancient Greeks to Talbot – to capture the beauty and secrets of nature.”